Angry Birds Seasons now available for Windows Phone 8

Angry Birds Seasons now available at Windows Phone Store for £0.79/$0.99. One of the most popular game, Angry Birds has now arrived for Windows Phone 8. The game comes with XBox Live achievement support. Angry Birds Seasons takes the captivating gameplay of the original to a whole new level! From Halloween to Chinese New Year, […]

Crysis 3 new trailer details the weaponry in game

If you enjoyed playing Crysis 2 and are desperately waiting for the arrival Crysis 3, here’s the new trailer of the game which will give more information about weaponry in the game. Available for PC, XBox 360 and PS3 today the new trailer shows a glimpse at many weapons including Typhoon Minigun that is capable of firing 500 rounds […]

Bungie’s ‘Destiny’ unveiled for XBox 360 and PS3

Bungie and Activitions, two big video game companies has teamed up and today revealed a new online persistent world game – Destiny. Though not launching this year, Bungie says it’s headed to XBox 360 and Playstation 3. Bungie and Activision has signed a 10 year deal for Destiny. Bungie is well known for multibillion dollor […]

New Call Of Duty confirmed for 2013

Activision’s most recent Call Of Duty installment, Black Ops 2 grossed $1 billion in 15 days of its release. This was above expectations of the company. “We are very pleased to report that Activision Blizzard delivered the best performance in its history,” Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick stated. “As we look to 2013, we will […]

Sony PS4 to be released this year for around $430

Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) is reported to be priced for $430 and will release this year only. Japan‘s Asahi newspaper reported that the PS3 successor will feature touch panel control and easy access to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The newspaper also said that Sony’s game chief, Andrew House, will reveal the […]

Temple Run: Oz The Great and Powerful launching on February 27th

Temple Run 2 has made a great launch and in just two weeks, it has 50 million downloads. The another news today came up and might interest you if you liked Temple Run 2 game. Cecile Fouques, a PR representative for Disney, tweeted that a new game called “Temple Run: Oz the Great and Powerful” […]