Authentication Options for the World Wide Web

In almost every web application, a user will have to log in with a username and password before they are able to access any of the pages. Implementing such a requirement can be done through two different methods; basic authentication and digest authentication. Each type of authentication has its own advantages and disadvantages. The method […]

Cell Phone Tracker: ‘Got My Eyes on You!’

If you have trouble keeping tabs on your kids or employees, that’s absolutely no problem! You can do so in style and with the privacy you could imagine. You can know about everything your kids and employees do and the real beauty of it is that they can never get to know about it! The […]

Lifebuoy’s Sponsored Video Campaign : Help Every Children Reach 5th Birthday

Cleanliness, being the first priority for the children, Lifebuoy has come up with an awesome campaign called “Help Every Children Reach 5th Birthday”. They have come up with a video campaign with an very touching video of a small village with a person called “Gondappa’ and his child. In one scene, an ant confronts him, […]

Studies Prove Creation of Mobile Websites is Paramount

InMobi released a study regarding mobile media consumption and what consumers are doing. If you have ignored the need to start up a mobile site, this study should convince you to get started immediately. Mobile phones: What People are Using them For About 75% of polled individuals said they were introduced to a new concept, […]

A Problem for Gamers

Remember when video games were a group experience unmarred by activation codes, player fees and subscriptions? While today’s slathering of online options is definitely a new way to experience multiplayer video game action, there are some issues with the way the video game industry has set up its services. That includes the one-time-use-only activation codes […]

How Businesses can Stay in Contact with their Customers

Consumers today are in a world of instant gratification. They want everything right now. If any business is to survive then they must be able to accommodate these demands. In the old days, yes like 10 years ago, one of the primary methods of direct marketing to consumers was to communicate through email. Customers would […]