VEAbuddy announces new cross-platform smartwatch

VEAbuddy smartwatch

Smartwatches are recently getting popular among consumers. Today VEAbuddy has launched a news smartwatch which works across all major mobile platforms and has very simple UI.

The VEAbuddy smartwatch features an ultra-high-contrast 2-inch touchscreen. It is also compatible with all smartphones, tablets and Operating Systems as only Bluetooth technology is required for connecting each other. The watch is only 8mm thin.

The project is currently looking for funds over on Indigogo and already raised $32,082 of proposed goal of $320,000. The watch is awesome, isn’t it?

Watch the video below to learn more.

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  1. Expected price?

  2. kartik arora says:

    when will it launch..??

  3. Midipile says:

    Win a VEA Buddy 6 months before it release on ! Don’t miss it !

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