Samsung Dominant In Android Market

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Samsung has again proved that no one else can erupt their dominance in Android Market. According to Localytics firm, out of 10 Top Android Phone, 8 are from Samsung. Company’s flagship phone, Galaxy S3 is at the top of the tree (at leading position).

According to the report, Samsung Galaxy S III overcame Galaxy S II’s market in January this year by gaining 8.5% share in December to 9.2% January. But Samsung Galaxy S II is not far behind, its currently stands at 2nd spot with 8.2% market share. Samsung Galaxy Ace is the bronze winner, with 3% share, followed closely by the first-gen Note (2.6%). Next up is Note 2 constituting among 2% devices, Galaxy Y also marked its place at 6th position with 1.9% share.

While the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is the only tablet that’s on the top in the list (1.7% of market share) ruining the Galaxy Tab emotions, which is not far behind with 1.4% of market share but unfortunately its at 8th spots. We get shocked when the report came without Nexus 7 name in the list (top10). But if we consider the United States only than Nexus 7 constitutes 8% of Android tablets.

Kindle Fire and Motorola Razr are the only Android devices in the list without Samsung Label. Top 10 devices in the list constitute total of 32.6% market share. We know number is not obvious but its not unbelievable as there are many brands across the world which develop Android devices at small scale (National level) or constitute at small levels.

Above results are developed by Localytics, which provides analytics and marketing tools for mobile app developers and marketers. Data for this study reflects all devices worldwide seen by apps with Localytics integrations, and covers the full month of January, 2013.

Source: Localytics

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