Ubuntu Phone OS Launch Scheduled For October 2013

ubuntu phone os

Last Month Canonical Showed off Ubuntu Phone OS running on Galaxy Nexus. Now According to Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth the Ubuntu Mobile OS is set to launch in October 2013. It will compete against well established Mobile OSs like Android and iOS. While Microsoft’s Windows 8 Mobile Platform and Blackberry is currently struggling to gain space in Mobile market. So now we need to see how Ubuntu make its space in this well glooming market.

Canonical has already reveled that Ubuntu phone builds for the Galaxy Nexus will be made available later this month. It will give users much same Linux experience (as it runs on regular Computers and other Devices).

Mark shuttleworth added, “new phone operating system will be available in two large geographic markets in October” that means North America is a “key market” for Ubuntu. Further quoted that after doing some changes less-developed markets can also help us.

From here who is waiting for the Ubuntu Mobile OS?

Source: Wall Street Journal

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