Google+ And Music Android Apps Updated

google + Android AppGoogle has rolled out update to its Google+ Android App. In the new version, Google has added several new features. Now you can manually add link to your profile, there’s also a new notifications tray between settings and refresh button, and additional Community moderation features.

Earlier in the last update Google added new post composition screen that gave you the ability to add a photo, or a mood to a post. You can download the new Google+ at the Play Store link.


google musicAnother app which received update today is Google Music app and stands out to version 4.5.910I.560208. After update you will get:

  • Instant mixes continue playing beyond 25 songs.
  • Added ability to shuffle an album, artist or playlist.
  • New default album art.
  • Previous button added to widget.
  • Pinning progress now shown on album and playlist pages.
  • Fix for the Galaxy S3 freezing issue.

So what you have been waiting for head over to Play Store to download latest build of Google Music App.

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