LG to show HD displays for mobiles, tablets and more at CES 2013


LG is planning to showcase fullHD displays for multiple devices at CES 2013. Lets have a a look at what visitors will get to see at the LG booth at CES 2013.

The Korean manufacturer will be featuring a 4.7-inch mobile display with approximately a 1 mm bezel, providing a solution for users to comfortably grip a large-sized phone in one hand.

Then there’s a 5.5-inch fullHD phablet which packs 403 ppi pixel density.

Moving up in the size, LG will also show 7-inch tablet that will feature 1920×200 resolution and 324 ppi pixel density.

LG will also be unveiling a 12.9-inch QSXGA display (2560×1700) for ultrabooks, a resolution generally seen in 20-inch and over premium monitors. Along with this, LG will also showcase a 13.3-inch laptop screen having a slim design at just 2mm. All displays for ultrabooks, tablets and phablets will make use of AH-IPS technology.

On the Television front, LG’s going to show UHD TVs with 3840×2160 (4x fullHD) that will come in 55″, 65″ and 84″ sizes.

The┬áKorean┬ácompany will also bring back the last year’s 55-inch WRGB OLED with enhanced specs and design, weighing just 3.5 kg and impressively thin at just 4 mm.

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