Woxi Media launches SmartPod for TV in India

SmartPod for TV By Woxi Media

US based technology company, Woxi Media has launched and Android device that will allow users to surf internet and play games on TV.

SmartPod is built with Android featuring multi-user login capability which can be used with every kind of television set. “SmartPod will revolutionise the way people consume the internet and enjoy gaming on TV. SmartPod features AppCasts technology that delivers various content applications through one Android application on the device,” said Woxi Media President Amit Gattani.

The device, powered by dual processors, also acts as a WiFi router which can connect up to 12 devices like PCs, laptops, and smartphones. It comes with a magic motion remote with build in sensors for motion gaming. The remote also functions as a Qwerty keyboard.

In addition to individual electronics retail stores across the country, the device will be available at Croma’s stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune.

SmartPod for TV is priced for Rs. 9499 and is available for purchase starting today.


  1. It would certainly act as an awesome SmartTV enhancement. Specifics are also good. I personally feel that it should have had a trackpad on the remote control.

    I have used a similar smart tv enhancement viz. Razorbee, but this seems to be better. Thanks for the share.

  2. Very good news, i like your post.

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