Apple iTunes store launched in India


Apple on Tuesday finally launched its iTunes Store in India offering consumers to purchase music, buy or rent movies.

“Now you can shop at the world’s No.1 music store. Which means you can browse and buy songs, albums and films anytime you want.” – The all new website for iTunes quoted.

The iTunes store before this featured only some free books and podcast  But now, you can buy Music from Tamil films to even international music from all major labels.

Also,iTunes Match is launched in India which allows users to store music, bought from sources other than iTunes, in iCloud. This service is priced at Rs 1,200 per year.

The Apple iTunes items are quite cheap as compared to other Indian platforms. Single songs are priced between Rs. 7 to Rs. 15 while on Flipkart a single song costs you Rs. 15.

Similarly most movies are available for rent at Rs 80 in SD (Rs 120 in HD) and buy for Rs 290 in SD (Rs 490 in HD).

The iTunes Store debuted as the US-only iTunes Music Store in April 2003. It has since expanded to include movies and TV shows and until today was available in approximately 97 countries. In June, it added 12 Asian countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan.

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