LG Optimus G2 rumored to launch in May 2013, will come with 5-inch display

LG all set to launch Optimus G2 with 5-inch screen in May 2013?

LG’s Nexus 4 is out just a month ago, and the rumor of Optimus G2 starts popping up over the internet. According to Korean rag MK Business News, this device from LG is all set to launch in May 2013. What reports suggests is that, Optimus G2 will feature a 1080p display measuring in at five inches that will definitely be standard Android screen size in near future. A 2 GHz snappy processor is what the rumors got for this device. Though it’s predecessor LG optimus G was not upto the marks considering the sales, but after Nexus 4 featured by LG, Optimus G2 will definitely get some plus point in terms of sales. Let’s see how LG will stand in Android smartphone market in coming days.


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