Check if Nexus 4,7,10 is available in your Country

check if nexus 4,7,10 available in your country

The much Awaited Nexus devices are in great demand these days, whether it’s Nexus 4, Nexus 7 or Nexus 10. Moreover, if you are great fan of Nexus devices like us, you probably checks your regions Play Store twice or thrice a day. But checking the Play Store again & again looks cumbersome for some, there seems another way to keep check whether devices are available or not.

The tool created by SOUPWHALE is quite simple and effective to use, keeps complete track of Nexus devices currently available at Play Store of your region. What’s the good thing is, this tool is not Only for US Google Play Store, certainly it keeps track of other countries also. We find it quite easy to navigate through the website, unlike Google Play Store. Don’t forget to bookmark the link, it will be definitely handy for you.

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