Aakash 2 is not China-made, assembled and programmed in India: Datawind

According to the report published by Hindustan Times, Aakash 2 tablets were made in China. The Datawind Ltd. purchased more than 10,000 made-in-China tablets from at least four manufacturers in Shenzhen and Hong Kong between October 26 and November 7.


Suneet Tuli, CEO of Datawind told PKR that like other technology companies, Datawind uses subcontract manufacturers to build products. “Our business model is similar to that of Apple where we use subcontract manufacturers to build our products. So, these are built in facilities of our contractors. For the first 10k units for IIT, and for expediency sake we had the motherboards and kits manufactured in our Chinese subcontractor’s facilities, and then the units have been ‘kitted’ in China at various manufacturers for expediency, whereas the final assembly and programming has happened in India,” Tuli told PKR.

DataWind’s manufacturing partner in Hyderabad – VMC Systems had not built any device over the last couple of months, said a source. Its manufacturing partners and facilities in Delhi and Amritsar, respectively, too, had not produced even a single tablet over the last couple of months, the source said.

“Instead of manufacturing these low-cost tablets themselves… DataWind has simply purchased these ‘off-the-shelf’ from China and supplied it to the Indian government,” the source told Hindustan Times, requesting not to be identified.

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