Windows phone 8 launcher released for Android users


image showing windows phone 8 launcher

For all of a sudden,most of us seems to be an Android users.But for some or the other reason,if you are attracted by the colorful live tiles of Windows Phone 8,then you can enjoy both the platforms on a go.It’s time to greet Windows 8 launcher which will grant Windows 8 user interface to your snappy android device.Just like Windows Phone 8,WP8 launcher will too provide freedom to the users while customizing the size & colors of the live tiles.

This app is developed by Lifehacker reader Dave,who is being looking out for a Android device using an WP8 silky smooth interface.Result is what we getting as Windows Phone 8 launcher.Futher,Dave insisted that the app is still in it’s Beta phase,so there might be some bugs which need to be eliminated out in upcoming update.Though it’s not on Google play store,but worry not,you can anytime download it from XDA Developers Forum.Isn’t it cool?Do let us know through the comment section,how’ll you rate this app.


  1. Wow so nice & very useful info for Android users, i like your post.

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