BendyBuds launches headphones that attach to sunglasses and bend to fit your ears

Bendy Buds Black

BendyBuds has introduced flexible in ear headphones that allows the users to wrap them around the arm of their sunglasses to support the earbuds or bend them to custom fit around their ears.

Founded by Conley Giles, he began developing BendyBuds by incorporating a soft flexible wire into the earbuds speaker wire that would maintain the shape it was bent, allowing it to be custom fit to the users’ sunglasses or ears. This resulted in the earbuds being suspended from above the ears to rest comfortably in the ear without being tugged from below with every movement.

The project is launched on Vovation – A Crowd funding site for inventors. The BendyBuds are initially available in black and will be producing new colors once they get funded. Head over to Source link to know more.

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  1. Thanks Nikhil for your support and an excellent article. We love The Dripple. Keep up the great work!

  2. the problem with this is how they look rather than the function. They look awful wrapped around the arm of the sunglasses

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