Nokia Here Maps app now available for download on iOS devices

Nokia, a Finnish phone maker had re-branded its Nokia Drive maps suit to Nokia Here. The application is now available for iOS devices. Earlier this month Nokia said that it is making the service available to Android and iOS devices.

Nokia Here

The Nokia Here offers ability to pick the he map you need from map view, live traffic view, public transport line view, or satellite view. The maps can b saved to use offline. The app also has ability to access community maps created and updated by users.

The app also features step-by-step voice guided navigation for walking through pedestrian routes, parks and alleyways, along with details on public transportation and driving directions. The app also allows you to store locations in collections, which can then be accessed with your Nokia Account or Facebook login. This will allow you to access your Collections anywhere.

While the iOS app is now out, Nokia has also promised an Android version of the app.

Earlier this month Nokia on their blog post said, “Nokia’s Location platform will be central to the Windows Phone 8 experience, with the intention of developing smartphones that bring advanced location experiences. Windows Phone 8 partners and developers will be able to use our location assets to build location-based apps and experiences of superior quality.”

Nokia Here can be tried out on your web browser, just head to the source link.

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