How tech has empowered consumers

Technology has become one of the key engines for consumer trends this year. From iPad usage to surfing, technology and the Internet in particular has changed how people interact. Let’s look at some of the ways in which tech has given consumers more power:

  • Mobile: One of the rising trends in the payments industry has been mobile payments. There are many payment processing providers that want to give you more of an opportunity to pay on your mobile considering how popular smartphones have become. Another exciting part of the mobile trend for consumers has been the increase in the amount of mobile webpages that are being browsed. Whether consumers want to check out finance or they want to go on the latest fashion blogs, visiting on mobiles makes it easy to consume content.
  • Online shopping: E-commerce has changed how people approach shopping. Comparison shopping websites and daily deal websites like Groupon are encouraging consumers to take total control over how they shop and avoid being slaves to prices. Whether you love shopping on auction sites or you prefer the high end retail side of department store shopping, it’s clear that online shopping exists because of the innovations made in technology.
  • Online personal finance: Managing personal finances requires understanding that money always has to be accounted for whether it is your own or if it is borrowed cash. Loans online are the latest innovation in consumer finance which have been powered by software that allows people to make loan applications online as well as manage their interest payments.

Tech has become the key enabler for consumers to enjoy a rich and varied experience when they are online. The rise of mobile, apps and consumer services like e-commerce have changed how people approach the Web.

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