Why you should Root an Android Phone?

Though use of android phones is increasing in leaps and bounds everyday but the real tech savvy users who are acquainted all functions of android phone does not count much. Therefore the manufacturers have made a couple of easy ways so that new users do not damage their devices and to provide safety, they have imposed some limitations to the applications used in the phone. But tech savvy users who want to use their devices at the fullest are getting upset with this constraint. Therefore to overcome this restriction users have found “ROOTING” as to upgrade their devices. Rooting in the android world means jailbreaking on ios device. This will make you to use your android phone to its maximum capability. It caters to all the applications that you want to run in your android phone without any restriction, which is beyond the manufacturer coverage. This is possible only when you become a “super user” it means user permission which is just below the administrator but in this case it is a collection of commands that gives you the Root access.

Now let us see what are the primary reasons for Rooting your Android Phones in more details:

  1. More applications to be served on your platter:

The foremost reason to root your android device is to enable your device to support more powerful and sophisticated applications. This may require more than the general privileges to your device. Some of the examples of the applications are:

  • File expert. This application lets you edit the memory of your system.
  • Proxydroid which enables you to connect to the proxy server in the wifi network.
  • ROM manager to manage ROMs in a customized way and others
  1. Gives a better backup and Restore capacity:

The restore capacity and the back-up system of the Android phones are quite low graded and are not satisfactory at all. Rooting your android phone gives you a pretty good back-up as well as the restore capacity in the following way:

  • You can take the android back-ups also by the use of ClockworkMOd Recovery system
  • With the Titanium backup system you can have backup for all your applications both locally as well as in the Dropbox
  1. Your phone will be able to Flash Custom ROMs

If you are not satisfied with the given iOS your android phone is having then you can Flash a Custom ROM and enjoy all new sophisticated and high tech modernized features of heavily modified version of Android.

Though Rooting enables you to utilize your phone to the fullest but it runs some risk as you root your device. As this have very sophisticated versions of applications and software, therefore proper handling of devices is quite essential and a small mishandling or carelessness may damage your phone forever. Therefore before rooting your android you must be 100% sure of all the applications and the consequences of mishandling them also.

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