5 Simple Tips to Speed up iPhone

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It has happened with many users that they scrolled through the menu of iPhone but it took some time to swap to the next page. Many felt annoyed when they found that lots of times are taking by the phone to open an app. If these things are happening with your iPhone mainly in 2G, 3G and 3GS versions then you may have not optimized your iPhone for best performance. Here we will discuss on 5 simple tips to speed up iPhone which will be described in the following part.

Empty ‘Safari’ Cache:

We use the internet a lot in these days and most of the websites are enabled with cookies and it means great level of cache. Safari browser is the source on which the hardware of iPhone depends a lot. Thus clearing out the caches can reduce Safari’s burden and as a result the burden on iPhone’s processor and RAM will also decrease.

Clearing Inbox:

In iPhone certain resources are allocated as far as messaging and messaging related operations are concerned. Smoother surfing of phone can be realized if you cut the number of text messages down in your iPhone.

Using Task Manager:

Many people held the browsers and iPhone apps on hold and switch back to other apps or Menu. As a result of this, iPhone’s battery, RAM and processor are used more and iPhone becomes slow. The solution of this problem is to download some nice Task Manager from Cydia or App Store. You will be able to view the standby Apps with the help of the Task Manager and it will automatically turn off the app which you are not using.

Restarting Sometimes:

The tether will allow you to restart the phone if your iPhone is jailbreaked. For clearing the data, it is necessary to restart the iPhone once in a week. This will also increase the iPhone speed a lot.

Upgrading the iPhone Model:

Another important tip from my 5 simple tips to speed up iPhone is upgrading the iPhone model. Of course the new versions which are introduced in the market are of better forms from every aspect compared to earlier models. Better processor, better RAM of upgraded models will always give better performance than your old iPhone. This is why; going for an upgraded model can solve your problem of slow phone operations.

These are the 5 simple tips to speed up iPhone. Follow these tips and you will definitely realize some improvement.

This is a Guest Post by Aadith Sasi on behalf of http://techwaffy.com and http://techiecold.com.

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